My success and epic failure

All my successes and failures in my life were on my studies since I am a student. First I will share my successes which were:

1-When I was in my primary section I won the elocution (elocution is a competition when each student represents their year by memorizing a poetry and presenting it),I came first back to back which means I won the first prize in grade 2,then I won first prize in grade 3 which was a really proud moment of my life.

2-When I got a really extraordinary percentage .It was 87.5% though I wasn’t in the top 3 I was in the top 5 ranks and I was in super happy when I found out and I also got a certificate for increase in percentage.

Now my failures:

1-When I was in grade 6 I got really bad marks in art, because I was really pathetic at art that time and I cried my eyes out, but now I’m not that bad I am just an average.

2-Once when I was in grade 6 I got a percentage which was in70s and my result was also an average I was not satisfied with my result and so this counts as one of my epic failures.

All I have learned in these successes and failures is if u work hard, you will get what you deserve and that if you face a failure so it’s ok, it’s not a big deal because remember that you always learn from your mistakes.








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