I was seven years old and my parent took me and my sister to an amusement park it was an amazing day and I had lots of fun. We rode the ferrous wheel, we rode horses. We all went on all rides except the roller coaster cause there were two thing I was afraid of that was if I fall and I terribly afraid of heights. My sister asked dad that can we go to the roller coaster because she was not afraid of them. My dad asked me I could not understand what to say that no dad I am afraid of them no way not in front of my sister so I agreed. My heart was pounding continually as it could come out any minute we sat in our seat I asked to sit in the middle in any chance of falling down. I tightly gripped the holder that was to secure my. It started it was ok but at the part of going up and down I was about to be sick my heart and my mind were jumping up and down like a basket ball. In the biggest part THUMP went the coaster down in full speed everyone was screaming my crazy sister laughing and my dad sitting like this all was no match for him. Every one screamed loudly but my scream was no match for them because it was the loudest. After that I did not remember anything but I knew one thing that it was my first time in a rollercoaster and the last time


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