My first day textile painting was very good. Before I went there I My remembered how much my friends told me about this club some said that it is a very hard club you will spill paint in your uniform and it will not come off and said that it’s a great club you will learn many methods. At Friday when I first came in I was a normal class. I sat down on my seat took out my paint brushes, paints, newspaper, cloth and apron. OH MY GOD I forgot my apron. I sat there quietly on my seat painting we had to make geometrical designs I made marks on my cloth with the tailors chalk from where I have to start painting. A girl behind me spills her red paint some fell on my uniform too. I ignored it and continued painting. Good thing was that I was very good in painting. The miss came to see my work she smiled at it but she got angry that my uniform had gone dirty and I forgot my apron. My work finished it looked nice I painted a circle with different shapes in it. The period was over and my work was finished. When I went to my class some children praised me at my work and some laughed at the paint in my uniform. At home my mother told me to show my work I was afraid that my mom will scold me but she didn’t, she smiled and said that don’t worry hard times come when you do something new not everything should be perfect my dear and from that day I learn a very important lesson….


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