I was seven years old and my parent took me and my sister to an amusement park it was an amazing day and I had lots of fun. We rode the ferrous wheel, we rode horses. We all went on all rides except the roller coaster cause there were two thing I was afraid of that was if I fall and I terribly afraid of heights. My sister asked dad that can we go to the roller coaster because she was not afraid of them. My dad asked me I could not understand what to say that no dad I am afraid of them no way not in front of my sister so I agreed. My heart was pounding continually as it could come out any minute we sat in our seat I asked to sit in the middle in any chance of falling down. I tightly gripped the holder that was to secure my. It started it was ok but at the part of going up and down I was about to be sick my heart and my mind were jumping up and down like a basket ball. In the biggest part THUMP went the coaster down in full speed everyone was screaming my crazy sister laughing and my dad sitting like this all was no match for him. Every one screamed loudly but my scream was no match for them because it was the loudest. After that I did not remember anything but I knew one thing that it was my first time in a rollercoaster and the last time



My dad gave me a book from his old drawers he told me to read it instead of watching TV and playing video games. I hated reading books. My dad told me that read it. Its pretty old but read it you will like it he loved this book in my age. I took the book and throw it on my bed. I started watching TV and playing video games. I got very bored so I asked my mom she said to read my book dad gave me I asked my sister she said the same thing. I gave up I took the book and read it. It took my half an hour because it was a big novel I was inspired by it. It was about children who went to a boarding school they had lots of fun playing tricks ion the teachers. I stared reading more books and I have now read 16 novels but this novel will remain my favorite as it was my first novel and I still have it


My first day textile painting was very good. Before I went there I My remembered how much my friends told me about this club some said that it is a very hard club you will spill paint in your uniform and it will not come off and said that it’s a great club you will learn many methods. At Friday when I first came in I was a normal class. I sat down on my seat took out my paint brushes, paints, newspaper, cloth and apron. OH MY GOD I forgot my apron. I sat there quietly on my seat painting we had to make geometrical designs I made marks on my cloth with the tailors chalk from where I have to start painting. A girl behind me spills her red paint some fell on my uniform too. I ignored it and continued painting. Good thing was that I was very good in painting. The miss came to see my work she smiled at it but she got angry that my uniform had gone dirty and I forgot my apron. My work finished it looked nice I painted a circle with different shapes in it. The period was over and my work was finished. When I went to my class some children praised me at my work and some laughed at the paint in my uniform. At home my mother told me to show my work I was afraid that my mom will scold me but she didn’t, she smiled and said that don’t worry hard times come when you do something new not everything should be perfect my dear and from that day I learn a very important lesson….


The most important lessons I have learned in life

I have learned two very important lessons in my life and they keep a really great meaning to me. One of them is that you should never let anyone change your future plans, like if anyone change your future plans, like if you have a dream to become a doctor and people don’t like it and they say things against it you shouldn’t care about it just let them say whatever they want to, you should live your life the way you want to, you should live your life the way you have planned and follow your dreams accordingly. Don’t let anyone change your dreams because that’s who you really are.

Second is that you should always learn from your mistakes. If you by mistake or on purpose do something wrong you should never regret it because you learn from doing it and then probably you will never do it again so if you do something wrong, its okay, you should not make it a big deal nor let others make it a big deal.




Quotes and their importance

Quotes keep a really big importance in my life. I love all sorts of quotes, no matter if they are on life, destiny, dreams, love or anything are on dreams, I am going to share with you 2 of my favorite type of quotes from each type:


1-Be who you want to be, not what others want to see.

~Tiny Buddha

2-Don’t dream you life ……..,

Just live your dreams…….



1-It is not the stars in our destiny …..

But in ourselves………

~William Shakespere

2-A person often meets his destiny on the road he took it to avoid it….

~Jean De L Fontaine



1-Life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving….

~Albert Einstein

2-In 3 words, I can sum up everything I learned about life:


~Robert Frost


1-Never love anyone who treats you like you are ordinary….

~Oscar Wilde

2-If you love two people at the same time choose the second, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn’t have fallen for the second….

~Johnny Depp

The importance of all the quotes is that quotes sometimes have such a deep message hidden inside them it just touches your heart and you take as an important lesson for life.I love quotes and I hope you do too!





My success and epic failure

All my successes and failures in my life were on my studies since I am a student. First I will share my successes which were:

1-When I was in my primary section I won the elocution (elocution is a competition when each student represents their year by memorizing a poetry and presenting it),I came first back to back which means I won the first prize in grade 2,then I won first prize in grade 3 which was a really proud moment of my life.

2-When I got a really extraordinary percentage .It was 87.5% though I wasn’t in the top 3 I was in the top 5 ranks and I was in super happy when I found out and I also got a certificate for increase in percentage.

Now my failures:

1-When I was in grade 6 I got really bad marks in art, because I was really pathetic at art that time and I cried my eyes out, but now I’m not that bad I am just an average.

2-Once when I was in grade 6 I got a percentage which was in70s and my result was also an average I was not satisfied with my result and so this counts as one of my epic failures.

All I have learned in these successes and failures is if u work hard, you will get what you deserve and that if you face a failure so it’s ok, it’s not a big deal because remember that you always learn from your mistakes.









We have the club activities every Friday after 10:30 am in our school.All of us are sorted into different clubs. Me and 2 or 3 of my classmates have been sent to miss fit club. In miss fit club we learn about nailart, facial, yoga, hijabstyles and things that a girl needs to remain fit, healthy, smart, intelligent and confident.We were recently sorted in this group. In our last class we learned how to make delicious sandwiches and a creamy coffee. It was really DELICIOUS and it kind of turned out to be a perfect match. Then after the year we will have a display on our club and what we have learned throughout. I hope the display is a huge success and we learn a lot of new things from this club.


year 7a